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Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)

If you are unable to file online, contact the company ASAP Manager Matt Labet by email or by calling 914-701-8113

The objective of the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) is to encourage air carrier employees to voluntarily report safety information that may be critical to identifying potential precursors to accidents. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has determined that identifying these precursors is essential to further reducing the already low accident rate. Under an ASAP, safety issues are resolved through corrective action rather than through punishment or discipline. The ASAP provides for the collection, analysis, and retention of the safety data that is obtained. ASAP safety data, much of which would otherwise be unobtainable, is used to develop corrective actions for identified safety concerns, and to educate the appropriate parties to prevent a reoccurrence of the same type of safety event.
An ASAP is based on a safety partnership that will include the FAA and the certificate holder, and may include a third party, such as the employee’s labor organization. To encourage an employee to voluntarily report safety issues, even though they may involve the employee’s possible noncompliance with Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, enforcement-related incentives have been designed into the program.
The Union’s representatives to the Event Review Committee (ERC) will typically be members of the Safety Committee. Their goal is to
work with the company and the FAA ERC representatives to review and analyze ASAP reports for the purpose of determining corrective
actions to mitigate recurrence of the event.

Committee Members