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Critical Incidence Response Program (CIRP)

The Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP) uses pilot peers and spouses to help fellow flight crew members-including accident investigators-and their families recover from an accident, incident, or other stressful situation. CIRP representatives offer and/or coordinate a range of Critical Incident Stress Management services to promote and accelerate recovery in the aftermath of traumatic and/or critical incident on or off the job. These pilot and spouse volunteers are trained in structured defusing and debriefing techniques that help flight crew members and their families deal more effectively with normal reactions to an abnormal event. This time-critical, peer-based support accelerates recovery from those events before harmful stress reactions damage job performance, careers, families, personal life, and physical/mental health.

What is CIRP?
The Teamsters Local 2750 Critical Incident Response Program, known as CIRP, provides pre-incident education and post-incident/accident crisis intervention services. Peer Support Volunteers (PSVs) are pilots who are specifically trained and certified to provide support in critical incident stress management. Peer support volunteers are fellow pilots that have been trained and screened specifically to meet the needs of pilots. The conversation that you may have with a CIRP PSV will be held in the strictest of confidence. No notes are taken. No specific information is shared.

Committee Members

  • Ben Connor - Chairman [Email]
  • Mark South - Vice-Chairman [Email]
  • Chris Bartlett - Member [Email]
  • Laura Bass - Member
  • Dave Campbell - Member [Email]
  • Janina Clark - Member [Email]
  • David Downey - Member
  • Dean Frazier - Member
  • Brad Gehr - Member [Email]
  • Dave Kaplan - Member [Email]
  • Jamison Murphy - Member
  • Tiffany Nicholson - Member
  • Rich Parnicky - Member [Email]
  • Tony Santos - Member [Email]
  • John Schoppaul - Member [Email]
  • Kevin Turner - Member
  • Aileen Watkins - Member

Types of critical incidents that CIRP peers respond to include:

  • Incidents resulting in injury, death or damage
  • Death of a crew member
  • Aircraft accidents
  • Witness to an accident
  • Aircraft evacuations
  • Terrorist events
  • Natural disasters

Committee Documents

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