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Fatigue Risk Management

The Union Fatigue Committee is a safety team who work with crewmembers and the company to reduce overall fatigue factors that affect our pilot group.  The committee represents pilots on Atlas’s Fatigue Risk Management Committee, as provided for in the “Fatigue Risk Management Letter of Agreement” which is part of our CBA. The group provides an operational perspective during the analytical process of fatigue reports and events. They are the crewmember’s advocate during the investigative process and work to detect causal factors and trends that may go otherwise unseen. 

Committee members are a resource for pilots to consult with on fatigue issues experienced while flying or training.

The committee also makes available education documents and help guides on the fatigue report process at Atlas, along with tips and tricks on managing personal sleep while working and training.

Fatigue Risk Management Committee

  • Austin Crowe – Fatigue Manager [E-mail]

Company Representatives

Union Representatives

* – Primary Voting Members; others are alternates