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The Jumpseat/KCM Committee works with jumpseat committees throughout the industry to maintain a jumpseat system that is easy to use, both on our own company aircraft as well as with other participating airlines. The committee acquires, maintains, and updates jumpseat information on all cooperating carriers and resolves problems crew members encounter while jumpseating.

For Leisure Non-Rev ZED travel on other airlines, instructions can be found on our Dependent Committee page.

*MyIDTravel Personal Account Update*
If you have not received information recently with instructions on setting up your personal myIDTravel account, please reach out to and request to have one made for you. Once your email is sent, you will receive an automatic reply, in which case you can attempt the instructions given. If the instructions for resetting your password do not work, the interline department will reply to your email, usually within one business day, with further instructions on generating your personal account. If you previously had a personal account for ZED listings, you will now use that same account for jumpseat listings (on the airlines that use myIDTravel for listings). More information is below under the myIDTravel link.
*COVID-19 International Jumpseat and Testing Notice* 
All Atlas Air International flights continue to be temporarily unavailable to other airline (OAL) jumpseaters at this time due to COVID-19. International jumpseating on Atlas Air flights is only available to current Atlas Air pilots, provided they have all applicable visas and COVID documentation required by the country of entry.

Committee Members

Please download the free Jumpseat app from the Apple Store or Google Play for specific airline jumpseat listing procedures. More information at

ID90 Jumpseat Listing Link:

    • Atlas
    • Frontier
    • Hawaiian Airlines
    • Sun Country

ID90 Setup Guide

MyIdTravel Jumpseat Listing Link:

    • American Airlines
    • Allegiant
    • Breeze Airways
    • Jetblue
    • Southwest
Additional airline jumpseat information
  • Jumpseat Guide
  • United and Delta jumpseat listings are made at the gate beginning 1 hour prior to departure
  • Southwest – you must have your passport with you when jumpseating
  • Spirit Airlines Jumpseat Link
        Spirit Airlines Verification Code: nklist14

*Notice about beards*
If you choose to wear a beard while jumpseating, be aware that most other airlines have “no beards” written into their jumpseat policy. As always, the final decision lies with the PIC, and you may be permitted on a case by case basis, especially if cabin flow-back seating is available. If denied, please remain respectful and professional, as jumpseating is a privilege not a right, and email our committee detailing your experience. Officially, there are only 2 other airlines that allow beards on their jumpseat: UPS and Hawaiian.