Corona Virus Message

Corona Virus Message


March 16, 2020

Dear Fellow Crewmembers,

The main topic of this update, of course, is the coronavirus as it spreads across the world and the unpredictable way that governments are dealing with this worldwide pandemic. Last Friday we put out two very important messages that I want all of you to make sure you all have read carefully.

First and foremost, you must take this pandemic very seriously. As an individual, you can do your part in getting us through this as quickly as possible, to that end, each and every one of us can directly affect not only the duration, but the outcome. Those who don’t take it seriously will unfortunately prolong the effects of this pandemic on all of us. Those who take it very seriously, taking every precaution and following the CDC guidance, will help all of us get through this as rapidly as possible. Although we can make a difference individually, we are all in this together and must act unselfishly for the betterment of all. So, what exactly does “we are all in this together mean?” It simply means that we all rely upon each other to use the proper personal hygiene, not be sick at work and follow the guidance issued by health experts. This premise is the same premise our union is built upon, the collective good, so the concept should be especially familiar to all of us.

In our continual dialogue to protect all of you, yesterday I submitted a list of additional steps to the company to deal with the evolving
coronavirus pandemic. These measures are designed to address the growing and, in many cases, unexpected challenges that you are facing on the road and at home. I have requested ideas from the ExCo, union Stewards and many of our committees. In addition, we are compiling requests and input from you our crew members to shape the discussions we are having with the company. Your safety and well-being are our top priority.

It is also important that you report any problems and/or concerns to a union official and to the company directly. Posting on Facebook or any other form of informal media has little effect toward getting any situation dealt with. Let me remind you that there is a union Steward on duty at all times as a Steward of the Week and our union committees are here to assist you.

In closing, rest assured that collectively we will get through this pandemic and, with our collective cooperation, in the shortest time period possible. So please, don’t be complacent. Be responsible and make the hard sacrifices right now needed to deal with the pandemic in the best manner possible.

Be Safe for yourself, your family and each other here at Atlas.


Bob Kirchner
IAP Local 2750 Trustee