Korea COVID-19 Procedures

Korea COVID-19 Procedures

Atlas Crewmembers:

We want to bring you up to date on the latest measures we have been working on with the company. Listed below are the mitigating provisions our union Security Committee has been working with the company on to create as safe of an environment as we can for the Atlas crewmembers and which are being implemented immediately for all Incheon and South Korean flying. This afternoon we agreed to the procedures listed below. This is a fluid situation as you all well know and we are constantly reviewing and assessing all the different areas of the world affected. Just this afternoon ExCo member CA Matt Sturgis and CA Kurt Hayes Chairman of our union Security Committee participated in a webinar with World Aware, our worldwide security and safety consultants, regarding the best efforts to deal with the spread of the COVID-19 virus:

Effective immediately, the protocol is to handle and outfit our crews and aircraft operating to and from South Korea as we do in China:

Health Safety Kits will be available to crews transiting hubs (e.g. ANC).
Health Safety Kits will be available to the crews at ICN as they arrive and depart.

The following groups of workers are mandated to wear masks while working company flights:

Ramp : YES
Cleaners : YES
Warehouse : YES
Line Maintenance : YES

Taxi and Limo drivers are required to wear masks while transporting our crews to and from the hotel.
There is to be minimal interaction between ground and upper deck, only on a need to access basis.  Only line maintenance rep, station rep, cabin cleaner, catering staff and load planners can be allowed access to the cockpit area.

All ops teams understand the need to keep minimum contact with flight crew members when able.
The aircraft are to be deep cleaned upon arrival in the US from China and South Korea. Tech Ops is responsible for cleaning the flight deck as per a Tech Tip procedure. A logbook entry is made validating the procedure has been completed. Ground Operations cleans the Galley and Supernumerary area to include the bunks.
These procedures along with personal hygiene methods as outlined by the CDC and elsewhere are intended to protect our crews in the best way possible.

Please be sure these procedures are followed as operations to South Korea continue during the foreseeable future. If you have any questions please contact a union steward or ExCo member. We will keep you posted as the situation merits.

Atlas Security Committee
IAP Local 2750